The River of Doubt book cover.

The River of Doubt: Theodore Roosevelt’s final expedition

“The River of Doubt” by Candice Millard is a breathtaking adventure and historical account of one of the most incredible and perilous expeditions in modern history. The book is a masterpiece of storytelling, research, and vivid imagery that transports the reader to the depths of the Amazonian rainforest and the heart of a truly amazing story.

The book tells the story of Theodore Roosevelt’s post-presidential expedition into the Amazon basin to map the River of Doubt, a previously uncharted river in one of the most remote and dangerous parts of the world. Millard masterfully weaves together the personal and political motives behind Roosevelt’s decision to undertake this journey, while also providing the reader with a gripping and thrilling account of the expedition itself.

One of the greatest strengths of “The River of Doubt” is Millard’s attention to detail and her ability to paint a vivid picture of the people and places involved in this historic expedition. From the harsh terrain of the Amazon rainforest to the personalities of the various members of the expedition, Millard’s prose immerses the reader in a world that is both unfamiliar and captivating.

The book is also a testament to Millard’s research abilities, as she draws upon a wealth of primary sources to reconstruct the events of the expedition. Millard’s use of diary entries, letters, and interviews with surviving members of the expedition brings the story to life in a way that few other historical accounts can match.

Finally, “The River of Doubt” is an ode to the human spirit, resilience, and determination. The obstacles faced by the members of the expedition, from disease to starvation to hostile tribes, are almost unimaginable, yet the courage and determination they exhibited is truly inspiring.

In conclusion, “The River of Doubt” is a must-read for anyone interested in history, adventure, or simply a good story. Millard’s ability to weave together the personal and political motives behind the expedition with a thrilling account of the journey itself is unparalleled, and the result is a book that is both informative and entertaining.

Michael Vollman
Michael Vollman is a creative writer whose passion for hunting, fishing and hiking lands him in the outdoors regularly, but — he would argue — not nearly enough. Although he wasn’t born an outdoorsman, the occasional camping trip with the family, summer vacations to the Great Smoky Mountains and a hunting trip or two with dad were enough to instill in him a call to the out-of-doors. This calling has led to his interest in and desire to not only spend time in the wild but also do what he can to protect it.

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