Modern Conservationist provides insight into the most pressing issues affecting environmental and wildlife conservation efforts today, with a focus on North America’s wild, public places. We examine legislative and policy dilemmas and solutions to conservation challenges, highlight the efforts of individuals and organizations to preserve and protect as well as build appreciation for nature, and offer tips on how you, too, can do your part to safeguard our wild places, plants and animals.

We strive to encourage and inspire all outdoorsmen and women — hikers, nature viewers, hunters and anglers alike — to not just partake in all that nature has to offer but to also work hard to protect it.

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Our Founders

Alexandra Vollman is an experienced writer and editor with a passion for the outdoors — especially hiking. As the co-founder and editor of Modern Conservationist, she oversees editorial management for the site. She has a bachelor’s degree in media communications and a master’s degree in writing and publishing. Alexandra enjoys using her knack for reporting and storytelling to instill in others a better understanding of and appreciation for nature.

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Michael Vollman is a creative professional whose passion for hunting, fishing and hiking lands him in the outdoors regularly, but — he would argue — not nearly enough. Although he wasn’t born an outdoorsman, the occasional camping trip with the family, summer vacations to the Great Smoky Mountains and a hunting trip or two with dad were enough to instill in him a call to the out-of-doors. This calling has led to his interest in and desire to not only spend time in the wild but also do what he can to protect it.

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