Man carrying his child in an Osprey Poco AG

Osprey Poco AG

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We promised ourselves that a kid would not end our lives. We still had places to go and trails to hike.

Having a kid doesn’t have to bring your life to a halt, but it will probably slow you down — especially on the trail. A baby shower gift — the best one, at that — the Osprey Poco AG helped us adjust.

Before we were able to take advantage of the pack (i.e., before our daughter could hold her head up well enough), our chunky little monster dangled off of our fronts in a thick cotton carrier. She loved it. But for us, it meant a large sweat stain and a backache.

The Osprey Poco AG was a different story — perfect for her and for us, with all the trimmings of a modern backpacking pack as well as comfy waist and shoulder straps and the ability to conform them to almost any body type. The pack is fitted for me at 6-feet tall and 195 pounds but can easily be adjusted for Alex, who is significantly smaller. The “AG” stands for anti-gravity, Osprey’s award-winning suspension system: “A 3D suspended mesh [that] contours and maps the parts of the human body it contacts.” It didn’t quite disrupt gravity but was definitely comfortable.

To recap: a sleeping baby, a line in the water and a comfy pack that helped get us there. Maybe I’m OK with this slow down.

On our first hike with it, we packed it full with our normal hiking gear — bladder, snacks and bug spray — in addition to diapers, wipes, a bottle, formula and a burp cloth. Plus a fishing pole, tackle and a license, of course.The hike was an easy one and the load was enjoyable. Although, it did take me a few yards to get used to the weight sitting higher than normal on my back.

The little one slept comfortably under the pop-up sun shade — one of a couple very useful features. Another is the kickstand that swings out from the frame, so when it’s time to fish, you can stand the pack up on its own, with the kid still buckled in.

To recap: a sleeping baby, a line in the water and a comfy pack that helped get us there. Maybe I’m OK with this slow down.

Can’t wait to take the Osprey Poco AG out again.

Michael Vollman
Michael Vollman is a creative writer whose passion for hunting, fishing and hiking lands him in the outdoors regularly, but — he would argue — not nearly enough. Although he wasn’t born an outdoorsman, the occasional camping trip with the family, summer vacations to the Great Smoky Mountains and a hunting trip or two with dad were enough to instill in him a call to the out-of-doors. This calling has led to his interest in and desire to not only spend time in the wild but also do what he can to protect it.

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