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Etsy’s Not Just for Crafters: Here Are a Few of Our Favorite Outdoor Supplies, Handmade in the USA

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Everyone knows Etsy for being a crafter’s paradise, but did you know, you can also find on the site a plethora of gear, tools and other accessories made for outdoor adventure? Whether you’re a hunter, hiker, backpacker or angler, there are a number of unique handmade — and of particular note, American-made — items to choose from. Here are a few of our favorite outdoor goods from five-star Etsy artisans. 

National Park Passport Travel Journal

Photo by Letterfolk

This pocket-sized travel journal from Letterfolk is essential for all the National Park junkies out there. With 48 pages, this notebook has 20 entry logs where you can detail all aspects of your park adventures — from weather and wildlife sightings to your favorite moment and overall rating; it also includes a page opposite where you can sketch a scene from the park or paste a photograph or other mementos from your trip. 

The back pages of the “passport” feature a “Rite of Passage” checklist with things like “stayed at a park lodge” and “got caught in a storm,” a national park bucket list, hike logs and a list of all national parks and when they were established. If you’re on a mission to hit up all 61 national parks, though, you will need to purchase several of these in order to document all of your adventures.

1095 Damascus Steel Fixed-Blade Knife with Leather Sheath

Photo by Livewithanedge

Handmade in Philadelphia, Penn., this drop point utility/hunting knife has a 1095 Damascus blade with full tang construction, giving you confidence in its durability. Made by Etsy seller Livewithanedge, it features an olivewood handle, which is dyed blue maple burl with a blue and black micarta bolster. Overall, the knife is 8.5 inches long, with a 4-inch-long blade. Further sweetening the deal, it comes with a handmade leather sheath complete with belt loop, making it perfect for your next backcountry hunting or backpacking adventure.

Brass Pocket-Watch-Style Compass 

a compass
Photo by TealsPrairie

From Etsy bestselling shop TealsPrairie, based in Houston, Texas, this gold, brass compass is created in the old pocket-watch style. It has a beautiful interior design and, if desired, can be engraved with a personalized message or name. You can also opt for the item to come in a customized wooden box for an added fee. Perhaps even more impressive than the compass itself is the shop’s popularity, with five out of five stars and more than 28,000 reviews.

Dyneema/Cuben Fiber Ultralight Waterproof Bear/Food Bag

waterproof bear/food bag
Photo by Ultralitesacks

Handmade by a backpacker for backpackers, this ultralight, waterproof — and reasonably priced — bear and food bag comes from Etsy bestseller Ultralitesacks. Perhaps its defining feature is the material from which it’s made: Dyneema, which is reportedly 15 times stronger than steel and has high tear-resistant strength at a much lighter weight compared to other materials on the market. Its #5 YKK zipper makes it very difficult for an animal to get into, and its boxed bottom means it can stand on its own and can be used as a wind screen while cooking.

With two sizes — regular and large — this bag is suited for a one- to six-day excursion; the regular size can hold up to four days of food, while the large can hold up to six days of food. The sack also includes a rock-throw kit with a bag and cord. It is currently offered in three colors.

Fly Fishing Flies: Grizzly Hackle Tip for Wing and Tail

fly fishing fly
Photo by Woodsedgestudio60

Why go with ordinary when you can opt for distinctive? This custom fly fishing fly — along with more than 60 others — from Etsy seller Woodsedgestudio60 is handmade in Hastings, Mich. Made from natural materials, they are a great choice for trout, bass and panfish. This fly in particular features a gray dub abdomen with grizzle hackle wrap and a striped grizzly feather tip for wing and tail, with a number 10 Mustad dry fly hook.

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