Columbia women's newton ridge plus hiking boots

Looking for a Durable, Affordable and Comfortable Hiking Boot: Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Delivers

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If you are looking for a great all-around waterproof hiking boot, look no further. The Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Waterproof Hiking Boot is durable, affordable and, most importantly, comfortable. 

I bought these boots in preparation for a backpacking trip, knowing that I needed more protection than what my old boots — which weren’t waterproof — could offer. Rated No. 1 in Women’s hiking boots on Amazon and at only $80, I decided to give the Newton Ridge Plus a try. 

They did not disappoint. 

As this was my first pair of waterproof hiking boots, I knew it would take a little getting used to as they are not quite as flexible as regular hiking boots. But I was surprised by how quickly I was able to break them in. Several hikes and I was set. 

Those hikes also gave me confidence that I would be able to traverse any landscape or trail conditions on my upcoming trip. Through puddles and creeks, muddy and rocky terrain, my Columbia Newton Ridge Plus got me through without slipping or rolling an ankle — and without wet feet or socks. Made of leather, with a high-traction Omni-Grip rubber sole, these boots are engineered for ultimate ankle protection.

On top of that, these boots — tied tight and with a pair of Smartwool socks on underneath — offered comfort with their lightweight design and cushioning. As someone with extremely flat feet, I expected some sort of mild foot pain or discomfort at some point on our 30-mile trip but was surprised when it never came. Even without special insoles, these boots did surprisingly well.

The combination of a waterproof seam-sealed construction and breathable mesh means these boots offer ultimate water protection while allowing your feet to breath. Even with its hook-and-loop lacing system, this boot easily prevents moisture from both water and snow — which I can attest to. 

Just in time for my backpacking trip, the Sierra Nevadas were hit with an unusually large snowstorm for mid-May. Backpacking around Hetch Hetchy, we experienced everything including sun, rain, snow and sleet and were forced to traverse 6-foot high snow drifts. Through it all, my Newton Ridge Plus remained stalwart, shielding my feet like miniature fortresses. 

With great reviews, 4.5 stars and a variety of colors, the Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Waterproof Hiking Boot is a great go-to boot for any gal who enjoys the outdoors.

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